A powerful and secure,
user-centric identity management toolkit for governments and businesses.

Lock down identity in minutes

Minimize development overhead, security risks and maintenance costs that come with developing identity management in-house.
With just a few lines of code, developers can integrate flexible and fully-featured identity management protocols into any web or mobile app.

APIs built for enterprise

Reduce the complexity of integrating identity management protocols into any modern or legacy application.
Attest’s API’s are easy to integrate, designed for scale, always available and continuously upgraded.

Fully featured out-of-the-box

Multi-factor authentication

Enhance account security and give users flexibility to authenticate across a variety of factors including SMS, email, FIDO U2F authenticators and via push notification.


Employ cutting-edge technologies such as verifiable credentials and object capabilities to create granular permissions and intelligent access management controls. Power trusted digital experiences and gain direct access to permission-based first-party data.

Private, verifiable data

Enrich user profiles and customer insights with verifiable “source” data. Guarantee the veracity of each attribute in user’s wallet. Allows data to be selectively disclosed while retaining cryptographic integrity.

Key-based authentication

Ditch tokens and authenticate with cryptographic keys. Use PKI and digital signatures controlled and asserted by users to verify identity when entering your app. Build confidence with clear consent into every access or data sharing event with consumers.

Individually encrypted data

Securely store users’ personal information in data stores that are encrypted on per-user basis. Limits the impact of personal data breaches to single user.

Passwordless log in & SSO

Create seamless user experiences for customers with single sign-on and passwordless registration across your apps. Implement advanced security protocols such as Token Binding and WebAuthn with a single click.