Secure personal data and simplify digital identity with Attest

Attest’s user-centric platform provides the tools and technology for governments, businesses and consumers to collectively reimagine digital identity systems.

A complete toolkit for government and business

Attest's easy to integrate APIs and user-friendly identity wallet solve governments and businesses most difficult digital identity challenges.

Attest Wallet

A web and mobile application allowing consumers to regain control of their digital footprint and unlock the value of personal data.

Provides users unparalleled agency, privacy and security when sharing verified personal data with governments and businesses.

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Attest Enterprise

Gives organizations powerful authentication, authorization and user management tools that can be integrated with two simple APIs.

Offers cost effective and secure identity services, while extending transparency, control and privacy to interactions with consumers.

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Use Attest's products to:

Drive revenue and enhance user experiences

Secure customer data and protect the organization

Enhance privacy and build trust with customers